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Thread: What plane is this?

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    What plane is this?

    Can anyone identify this plane? I picked it up at a garage sale recently and am working on restoring it. The blade is a Stanley 118P (13-119A) Also: bevel up or down?

    I don't know if that's the correct blade. The blade is a little too thick (or the throat is too narrow)--I can't advance the blade far enough.Plane2.jpg

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    Looks like a block plane. Bevel up.
    I've bought second hand "frankenplanes" that have parts from several planes. I'm not smart enough to tell you whether yours is one. But the other guys here are and will.

    Enjoy your restore!
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    Steel bodied block plane. Patrick Leach has good details on them on his site. Something about them being advertised as boy-proof. I think they were intended for shop classes where things tended to fall on the floor.

    I have a couple; they work adequately. They are good to keep in your carpenter's or fix it tool box. Lighter than a cast iron block plane, able to be dropped on the sidewalk, and not very expensive or valuable if you do manage to mess one up.

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    I sharpen my plane irons on a diamond hone. They are pretty bulletproof.

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    Either a Stanley No. 118....or..a Shelton No. 18...
    Block Plane storage boxes, 1.JPG
    Block Plane Box #2, completed.JPG
    Block Plane Box #2, tight fit.JPG
    Will say either Stanley on the iron, or shelton...
    Block Plane Box, Next....JPG

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