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Thread: OT...Rattle Can Paint, Pinhole Problems...

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    OT...Rattle Can Paint, Pinhole Problems...

    I'm trying to paint some metal parts with Krylon Fusion paint. Problem is, I keep getting pinholes forming on the surface. I've cleaned, blasted, sanded and used different solvents, but still can't seem to prevent the pinholes. I'm in NorCal, where weather is 99* and 60% humidity. Seems I had this same issue last summer. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Did you use a primer?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matt Day View Post
    Did you use a primer?
    Although this paint has primer included and supposed to be all in one, I tried using primer as well, to no avail. Have to say that I've used this same paint and others in the past, with no problems at all. I seem to have issues during the summer months.

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    From the specifications portion of the Krylon Fusion site. If your temps are 90+ and the substrate is warm the solvents are probably flashing off to fast.


    • Best results when temperatures are 55 F to 75F and humidity is below 60%. Applying outside this range may impact finish.

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    Ya...already kinda decided to put off painting until the weather cools, which right now, feels like never again. What is it they about patience...

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    Primer in the paint is a BS marketing statement. What it really means is there are more solids and it covers better. This also makes for trapped solvent in the thick coating and that makes for solvent pop. That's my take on the research I've done.

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    I have a can shaker that goes on a Sawzall. I like it, but think waiting for the right conditions is a good plan.

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