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Thread: Grizzly 8" jointer adjustment.

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    Grizzly 8" jointer adjustment.

    I have a used Grizzly 8" model G0490W jointer with standard blades.
    Has anyone with this jointer had issues with the jointer not holding the coplanar adjustment.


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    Scott what is the problem you are experiencing here ?

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    Hello Mike
    The jointer will adjust but after some use the 90 degree setting on the fence goes out of adjustment also the beds dont stay coplanar.Its at my sons house I haven't looked at it myself yet trying to be prepared

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    I have had a G0490X since 2008. I have never had to adjust it since initial setup. Are you speaking of the table going out of plane corner to corner or simply a loss of height position? Unless the adjustment cams are really loose it would be very difficult for a parallelogram table mechanism to alter its plane. I suppose it some part of the casting were cracked it could move as the crack opened more and more.

    One thing for sure, I would make sure I knew what I was trying to solve BEFORE I changed any table adjustments. Many folks here and elsewhere have made themselves a bit of work by adjusting tables when it was something else that was causing the symptom. This made them put the tables back and then troubleshoot the original problem. Extra work of this kind is not fun ;-)
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    Thanks for the info. My son and I have limited experience with jointers. So I will proceed cautiously, been watching a few videos.

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