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Thread: Finishing an Outdoor Bench made with Padauk?

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    Question Finishing an Outdoor Bench made with Padauk?

    Hello all,

    I have been helping my neighbor pressure wash his deck. He pressure washed his Padauk bench which was covered in years of dirt and mold as it lives outdoors all year round.

    The bench is now stripped of all finish and dirt, so it is basically just bare wood. I'm thinking the wood should be lightly sanded to remove any raised grain and make the bench seat, back, and arms smoother.

    The question is, what can he use to seal and protect the wood? I have looked online and apparently Boiled Linseed Oil is not recommended for Padauk. I was unable to find a good recommendation for this scenario.

    Can anyone make a suggestion for a finish that will protect the wood, and withstand being outdoors? I expect that any finish will have to be renewed periodically. Help?


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    Penofin makes a great exterior penetrating oil finish. I think it would work well in this application. Iíve used the red label which is quite smelly. They have a zero voc product called Verde which Iím eager to try. Still, it would be ideal to keep the bench out of the sun and avoid standing water.

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    BLO isn't recommended for any wood outdoors because it doesnt offer much protection of any kind by itself. I've used the Penofin Verde product as well as Cabot Australian Timber Oil (which I'm pretty sure is not just an oil). They both work OK but any finish you put on outside has to be re-coatyed every so often. Deck finishes usually have some UV protection in them.

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