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Thread: Grizzly G0852 quiet dust collector

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    Grizzly G0852 quiet dust collector

    Anyone tried or know much about these?

    Db rating is listed the same as other similar models oddly.

    Less cfm but more sp than the similar 1.5hp standard cyclone.

    The outlets down low are rare for a cyclone but would work better in my shop is why im looking at this model but there is zero info out there on this.

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    The impeller on that machine is directly on the intake, so whatever it sucks up will go through the impeller, which will make more noise, especially if it is a screw or nail, etc.

    Unfortunately, that is what gives it the low intake.

    The shape of the cone is an example of what are called "short" or "stubby" cones, and do not separate dust from the air very well, so a lot of dust is going to the filter, to clog it more often.

    Most cyclone systems are set up with the impeller after the separator, to avoid debris (wood or otherwise) from striking the impeller.

    Better separating cyclones have longer cones that that. From Grizzly, see the G0777, for example. Though neither of these have stellar filtration specs, and will pass too much harmful dust back into the shop air for me.

    -- Andy - Arlington TX

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    I agree with everything Andy said . I would not buy it .

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    And I agree with Andy and James. I'd pass.

    1.5 HP collector is only good for direct connection to an individual machine with a very short piece of flex, so there would be lots of moving it around.

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    Thats a good point on the impeller location, would make me have to be more careful with anything large or metal.

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