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Thread: Delta 37-190 Jointer Dust Collection

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    Delta 37-190 Jointer Dust Collection

    Hey Everyone! Does anyone here know what would cause my Delta Jointer to start shooting wood chips up through the cutting blade? It was very good at shooting though the dust shoot until I let it get backed up in a pile and now I can't get it to shoot anything out of the normal spot. Please let me know if you have any ideas. Thanks!

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    Usually when it gets backed up, the chips are really compacted in there even if the port looks clear. Get some compressed air or a blower and blast it at the cutter head and all around.

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    it is plugged solid, need to clear the dust chute out

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    feel the top of the chute it may be open and packed. The top should be closed off to form a four sided chute instead of a three sided chute. this will increase airflow and reduce clogging if you have a dc connected.
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    Bill this jointer is already a "four sided " chute.

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    I had this jointer for years. Remove the little plastic hose adapter and slide a thin strip of wood (like a paint stirrer, but longer) up the chute to loosen the clog at the top. Helps to have a shop vac hose nearby to suck out the loosened chips.
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    Unplug the power first, then compressed air/ stick around cutterhead

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