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Thread: Question on spraying Benjamin Moore Cabinet Coat

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    Question on spraying Benjamin Moore Cabinet Coat

    Hi all - I'm about to finish my cabinets with BM Cabinet Coat and wanted to see if anyone had some real world experience with it as I'm new to spraying and this product. The datasheet on the website suggests an HVLP sprayer with 1.8 tip @ 20 psi. I wanted to see if this is realistic and if any thinning of the material is necessary.

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    Not familiar with that paint but it must be thick using 1.8 tip. I would suggest practice on piece on something first and see how your fan looks,going to follow this thread cause I have few cabinets coming up projects.

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    That's an Insl-X product. The TDS sheet says the viscosity is 90 - 95 KU, which is somewhere around 400 - 500 seconds #4 Ford cup and that's in the range of BM Advance and SW ProClassic; definitely thick stuff. They recommend thinning with 8 - 10 oz water / gallon and spraying with a 1.8 mm N/N and 20 psi. It's not clear if that 20 psi means air pressure to the gun or 20 psi fluid pressure, but my guess is 20 psi fluid pressure. 10 oz water / gal is 7.8% which would not be enough with BM Advance or SW ProClassic to spray well through a 1.8 mm N/N with a gravity feed set up. My guess is the recommendations are in reference to using a pressure feed HVLP gun.

    This is a timely post as I'm getting ready to spray some previously painted kitchen cabinets and had forgotten about Insl-X. Looks like a good option. PPG Breakthrough might be another.


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