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Thread: Best replacement tires For Delta 14 inch bandsaw

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    Best replacement tires For Delta 14 inch bandsaw

    Time to replace the tires on my Delta 14 inch bandsaw. What tires do you all recommend?

    Thanks, Roger in Texas

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    Over the yrs I have had several of those BS from 50's to 70's which I replace the tires with rubber. I always went with rubber cause no need to change what works after all these yrs since those BS been around for so long. The urethane tires has lots of supporters here so I guess its one's opinion which one is best. Urethane tires are made for those BS that run coolant but that was their only customers. So now they are now in WWing to make few more sales.

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    I like either the blue urethane one from Bandsaw Tire Warehouse or the rubber ones from Woodworker's Toolworks.


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    I have no idea about "best", but the orange urethane ones have been working fine on mine for some number of years.

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    I used the blue urethane tires from Carter on one of my saws. Didn't like them at all. They were very thin, too narrow and didn't fit properly between the wheel flanges even though they were advertised for my specific machine. Carter makes some nice products but those aren't one of them.

    On my other Delta 14", the orange original OEM tires are now looking like it may be time to change them after over 20 yrs. I'd like to find the same ones if I can locate any as they have lasted great all these years.

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    From many unsatisfied posts here and elsewhere, avoid the Carter ones. I've run the oranges ones from Sulphur Grove for many years. My next set will be from "Blue Max."

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    Coincidentally, I installed Blue Max tires on my 17" Griz today. They are thick, much thicker than the OEM tires. They were 48" long, and the old (loose) set was 52.375" -- so a lot of stretching was required to install them. I absolutely had to take the wheels off the saw. I trapped the wheel in the end vise of the workbench to hold it. I put the tires in near boiling water to soften them, and used a heat gun to warm the wheels so they didn't immediately suck the heat out of the tires. With all that, I was able to stretch them on by hand, then used the "tool" they send (a piece of dowel with a nail in it) to run around the perimeter and even out the stretch. Reassembled the saw and all seems good, though the test will be how things go over time.



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    I have used Bandsaw Tire Warehouse for an old Delta Homecraft saw. They found the right tires and they worked great

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    I found that a lot of the available tires are too thin and too narrow for optimum fit on my 14" delta. That includes the orange ones I tried. Some of the rubber ones were a little better, but not perfect. The ones I am running now are still a little thinner than the original ones and do not fill the space between the flanges on the edge.

    My preference would be for tires that fit snugly between the flanges and were thick enough to have their top be above the flanges. It other words they should fill the space between the flanges in all dimensions. Not sure what tires that would be, but the tires my saw came with were like that. The orange urethane ones I bought are hanging on the shop wall because they missed that mark by a lot and the rubber ones that I then bought are more sufficient, but I am not crazy about them either. They work though so I probably will just keep using them.

    I do not remember where I bought either from. It has been a number of years and my memory is hazy on that.
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