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Thread: Interesting article from Holtzwerken

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    It seems awfully complicated compared with sawing with a simple dovetail saw. If you can make the fixture, you can saw by hand.

    Regards from Perth


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    I teach a similar method in bandsaw seminars except the wood table is simply attached to the bandsaw with magnets and a cleat.

    I use a wood T square and a wedge to guide the pieces, that allows you to make random width pins and tails.

    I donít use a scroll saw, just band saw and chisel....Rod

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    Same here: I do not have a scroll saw so I also use the bandsaw and chisels.

    The jig looks me very practical when making multiples drawers, probably it isn't worth the setup time for a single one, perhaps a couple of them.

    Personally it was very important and today I have used dovetails as regular feature mainly because the convenience of a such jig.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osvaldo Cristo View Post
    The issue is to tilt to both left and right. All bandsaw I know have the table tilting to right only.
    Not to mention a fixed jig insures dead accurate angle of tilt from one side to the next eliminating potential error. Far smarter than tilting a table an indexing off a mark, scale, or digital.

    Still seems a painfully slow dovetail process but surely slick for small and odd runs
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