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    Question Toy Wooden Lawnmower

    Hi, I'm wondering if anyone has a lead or some wisdom on the following issue with parts for a wooden lawnmower I am going to make with my son.

    I was intending to hack the wheels off an old wagon, stroller, or pram, or even a real lawnmower. I would attach those wheels to a metal or wood axle that would pass through the wooden box (the lawnmower body). I need to make the rotational action of the wheels forward on that axle translate into a rotation of a central shaft up through the middle of the wooden box. That will operate a spinning disc that will make a flapping noise above the box and will spin wooden "blades" below. Of course, I'd need wooden or metal parts that would set those discs and parts in their place, too.

    I don't really know what or where to search for these kinds of things online or in-store (Toronto, Canada). And I think that once I get a look at the options I'll be able to more easily design the central shaft mechanism.

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    You could use urethane belts to create a drive for your lawn mower similar to this:
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