Hi Again. You guys are always so helpful.

So I'm laser cutting Delrin/Acetal plastic, about .060" thick. I'm trying to reduce as much char as possible, as I have to sand and debur a lot right now.

The machine is the entry-level Epilog Zing, rated at 30 Watts.

I had mentioned the char issue to the Tech Dept at Epilog before I fired up the machine, because I've been jobbing out the work for years and always find a lot of char, and he said something about playing with the Wavelength (Frequency). Eventually I'll be switching to CNC and/or waterjet, but I'm determined to solve this as much as possible with laser.

Right now it's just trial and error, which is fine, the material is cheap, etc., but I'd like to find a way to speed up my learning curve.

I have been running it as follows:

SPEED: 50%
POWER: 75%
FREQ: 2500

Question: When the tech suggested playing with the Wavelength, which direction might lessen the charring, UP or DOWN?

I've been trying to run a controlled experiment, where I change only one parameter at a time.

I should add that I have an excellent air assist pump, as well as a superb exhaust system.

Thanks in advance for your insights.