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Thread: DeWalt DW735 vs JET JWP-13BT

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    DeWalt DW735 vs JET JWP-13BT

    Hey guys,

    I consider myself a intermediate furniture maker with a 900 sqft shop, where I make bunk beds, tables and some cabinetry.

    I'm updating my tools and recently I bought a JET 115 52" table saw and I love it (I used to have a Delta). One of the most important aspects for me when I'm buying a tool is about the noise, so in that feature the JET planer win against the DeWalt.

    But I'm trying to figure out why should I spend around $100 more for getting a JET versus the DeWalt, when both have the same capacity (13" wide) and both use three knife blades instead of shelix cutterhead. I'm assuming that later on, I can upgrade the planer to shelix cutters (for both brands).

    Usually I get rough lumber, then flat and square. What I'm trying to say is I not use the planer to smooth the surface, just to have the exactly same thickness (3/4" - 2") to make doors and table tops.

    So where is the difference:
    1.- Is it about set up to repeat cuts?
    2.- Power?
    3.- Accessories?
    4.- Timing changing the blades?
    5.- Something else...

    Have a great one,

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    Hi Ed,

    I considered similar machines and ended up buying the Cutech industrial with snipe lock. Been pretty happy and ran quite a bit of lumber through it. A lunch box with straight blades is one loud sucker and I highly recommend going with some type of spiral cutters to reduce noise and made cleaner cuts. Time is money with less sanding. Itís worth every penny.

    The dewalt has a better shellx type head than the cutech, which has only 26 cutters. Mine is pretty smooth on pine poplar and other softer woods and needs minimal sanding. Woods like sapele and others tear out more.

    Iím already outgrowing this and looking for a larger machine but itís been great to learn on and use as my first 13Ē planer.

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    I have had a 735 for 15- 20? yrs..loud is an understatement. I bought a cutech and find it is quiet enough and the board finish is exceptional.
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    Although the insert cutterhead on the Jet gets one's attention, the fact that they are still HSS and only two sided gives me visions of having to rotate cutters more frequently than I would want to. One of the benefits of an insert head with carbide cutters is that they cost less to operate over time due to carbide's resilience and the four cutting faces. Studies on this have been done but, I have not seen similar writings on the HSS insert cutter machines that appeared in the recent past.

    The DW735 is the only lunchbox planer I know of that can get by without a carriage lock (due to the design apparently). The DW735 does fine but, the difference between a Delta ShopMaster without a carriage lock and a DW734 (similar format )that has one is night and day when it comes to controlling snipe.
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    Two thoughts from someone who has had the DW735 for a long time and is very happy with it for my uses:
    - The Dewalt is really loud and it is more motor noise than the blades. Don't expect a significant reduction when and if you switch to an insert head.
    - The insert head is expensive enough that you might consider getting a more expensive stationary machine now rather than planning to upgrade later. To me, the main problem with the DW735 is that you can't remove much thickness in each pass, and changing the cutterhead won't help that much if at all.

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    Thank you guys. I'm looking for get the Cutech industrial.

    According to your experience, which model is better (40100H, 40200H, 40600H or 40800H)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eduardo Galindez View Post
    Thank you guys. I'm looking for get the Cutech industrial.

    According to your experience, which model is better (40100H, 40200H, 40600H or 40800H)?
    You might want to wait a bit. Cutech / Wahuda is working on a new planar with a helical cutter head very similar in description to the Dewalt 735:

    I have their helical cutter head jointer and I've been very happy with the quality of it for the price.

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