Sorry. I didn't see this update until today. I haven't used the larger bed too much. It is definitely nice when I have a big production order and can fill the space and just let it go for an hour and get to other things. And I have run some airplane parts in it that I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise (used the camera with that too). The bottom right corner isn't super reliable for me so that is my negative. I have worked with tech support and it improved but I don't fully trust it. It's not a very large portion of the bed (maybe the last 6x6") but I was disappointed in that. If you know you are most doing small things, I would almost recommend the 32 just because when I run a week only using the rotary in the top left corner it's a lot of reaching. Lol. I like the space for the cost difference though.

What Mike said... Make sure you know it will fit through the door AND that you have a good way to get it into position. I wouldn't recommend trying to get this sucker up/down any stairs. I had double doors installed in the shop so I knew I wouldn't have a problem and the ramps that come with the crate are great, but it did screwed up my floor a bit when I wheeled it into place. It's that heavy. I have some thin plastic I use now when I move it on occasion to clean out the exhaust ports. I love it and have broken a few parts (my fault) that Epilog has overnighted me new ones. The Facebook group makes me think tech support is still struggling with man-power or covid or something.. but other than being on hold on occasion if I call, they have been great with me. I usually email and someone gets back to me pretty quickly. I don't regret going for the 48 and I use the camera a lot for making jigs of weird shaped items.