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Thread: FreeStuff Drawing - Grizzly Mobile Base - WINNER

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    im in! thx Griz!

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    And the Oscar goes to ?

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    Hayes, Virginia
    Sorry I missed the mark on this one. I will try to do the drawing ASAP. Crane coming in just a few minutes, got to get my tractor out of the barn and get ready.

    We are pretty busy cleaning up about 3 acres of yard and had half of one of our trees split at a crotch and landed partially on a black cherry tree and my barn roof. Got a crane coming this morning to help. Had three rows of corn laying flat on the ground so Jackie and I are working to harvest as much as we can. Got about 3 thousand black walnuts on the ground and almost as many gum balls to clean up. Pretty much a mess around here, it will take a couple more long days to get things back in order.

    Black Cherry turning blanks are coming soon...........

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