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Thread: Question about spokeshave

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    John & Dereck,

    Not the low angle.

    I'm using the flat and convex of this set.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Engel View Post
    Thanks, guys.

    The issue is the full width shaving, and the throat clogging is still very aggravating. Could be the tool, but a little more pressure and going slower and I’m getting better results, but still a challenge. Really have to watch the grain orientation.

    I’ll go to a card scraper to clean it up.
    Shavings from spokeshaves often tend to curl around the front of the shave. Could that be the kind of clogging you are experiencing?

    In my spokeshave use it is rare to produce a full width shaving. Full width shavings are more suited to a plane.

    Try setting the spokeshave to the thinest shaving possible. Make sure the blade is as sharp as possible.

    My only Veritas shave from the set you linked is the concave sole spokeshave. It is also the best spokeshave, of many, in my shop. My guess is these shaves do not need any fettling.

    If you are near Portland, OR, you are welcome to come by for some assistance in getting a better result with your shaves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Randy Heinemann View Post

    It's my understanding that the spokeshave sold by Lie-Nielsen and designed by Brian Boggs for $135 is a great tool. One of its strong points is the way it is oriented to the wood preventing chatter.
    I agree Randy. I have the LN Boggs shave ( convex ) and I really like it. The mouth is tight, so it can clog, and it is not "chatter proof", but it is really good. I have a LV flat shave which is good, but I like the Boggs a bit more. I have had a bevel up ( Dave's Shave ) for many years, but have not used it a lot. My thumbs do get sore after prolonged use - that massive LV shave looks interesting.

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    Full width shavings are difficult with a spokeshave in hard woods. My approach is to take a little off the left, then a little off the right, then the middle. If for some reason the wood doesn’t allow for that (really wide piece), then you have to take a very fine shaving and/or heavily skew the spokeshave. Skewing may be limited by the diameter of an interior curve when using a round bottom shave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Engel View Post
    I don't use a spokeshave very often but it is the one tool that seems to give me trouble.

    The problem I'm having is chatter. I re-honed the blades and the shavings are quite thin, but I still frequently get chatter, even when I skew the tool.

    I know one time it was due to wrong grain direction but its usually happening when I don't expect it.

    I took a moment to analyze and I've concluded its either my technique or the way I've got it set up. I'm holding the handles with both thumbs behind the iron toward the top. I'm thinking maybe there isn't enough cap iron pressure toward the edge, but I'm not sure how tight to make the screw or thumb screw.

    Another huge frustration is the throat clogging with shavings. The throat gap be looks extremely narrow. I'm sure its not even .5mm.

    I am taking quite thin shavings, but it still clogs.

    If there is a question in all this mess you can answer, I'm all ears!
    Hi Robert

    Instead of pushing the shave, try pulling it towards you. See if you get chatter then.

    Regards from Perth


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