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Thread: Changing Motor on Central Machinery wood Lathe

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    Changing Motor on Central Machinery wood Lathe

    Don't know if anyone has done this, or if it is even possible; but would my old 1 1/2 HP motor that I had on my now junked Sears Craftsman Table Saw, be able to work on the Central Machinery Wood Lathe ? The motor runs perfect even after 24 years. The Motor on the Lathe , is a 1/2 HP.

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    Depends on the motor speeds. You may have to change pulley sizes to match the lathe speeds.
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    Also depends on what Central Machinery lathe you have.

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    14x40 inch Lathe.

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    Usually table saws have a 3500-3600 rpm motor and lathes use 1750-1800 rpm motors. You will definitely want to change pulleys to get the right speed range.

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