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Thread: Question about drawer slides

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    Question about drawer slides


    I am replacing some old side mount drawer slides and it would appear that the side clearance is > 0.500" (as much as 0.578") and varies as much as 1/8" front to back on some of the drawers. Anyone know of any slides that can handle more than 0.500" per side of clearance?

    Thanks for the help.

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    I have some cabinets that came with our house that were built in place by the previous owner. None of the widths of the drawers matched that I could tell. He had put on used slides that he bought from someones garage sell. I replaced the slides with side mounts and had to shim most of the drawer sides. I have a planer, but it was still a pain to get the exact width each time. It works, but time consuming and as I stated, a pain.

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    I've done it with thin washers in the areas with a little too much clearance.
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    The specifications for the slides you use will have some level of tolerance for side to side clearance while allowing them to run smoothly. I'd do something like Alan mentions, to slightly shim things to within spec and "parallel" to the drawer box for smooth operation.

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    K & V 8400 slides have tabs that can be bent out to accommodate this type of condition. I think most brands of side-mount slides can do this.

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