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Thread: Looking for a new 4 1/2 inch angle grinder

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    Looking for a new 4 1/2 inch angle grinder

    My old Metabo angle grinder seems to have taken legs, and I'm looking to replace it. When I go on line, I'm overwhelmed by the choices, so I'm wondering if I could get some good direction on which angle grinder to buy. I use it for cutting, with an .045 disc, as well as for grinding welds and shaping steel.
    Thanks for any help.

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    I have a metabo 6" electronic that I have loved for years. I'd hope their acquisition of Hitachi hasnt compromised their industrial line. Have two small 4" makitas that are fine and a dewalt. Recently needed a variable speed grinder and picked up the 5" bosch. I really love it especially the huge paddle switch on the body. Has a pesky safety flipper deal but I really like the grinder.

    The Makita's I have and the Metabo have on-off switches which I dont like in the event the cord comes unplugged and you forget to flip the switch. Doesnt effect the metabo or the bosche as they are electronic.

    I really love the bosch
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    Bought a reconditioned Bosch from CPO many years ago and have used it and used it and used it for welding, cutting stee, deburring .I think it was 30 bucks shipped.

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    Had B&D industrial for years, then added a DeWalt (same grinder, different color.) One of the B&D's gave up the ghost. Took it to B&D to have it repaired. Without looking, was told "No parts available." Came home, and looked up parts for B&D and DeWalt. Exact same parts, with two of needed three in stock at that service center. Other part available next day. Bought a couple of HF's $9.99 specials to replace the B&D. So far so good, but I do consider them "throw aways" just like my multi tool that lasted over ten years in every day use.

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    Dennis, I sure like my Metabo's (have 5), but my last purchase was an 18V cordless Makita. I leave it set up with a wire brush for removing the slag from welds, but you can put anything on it.

    The Metabo flat head grinders are nice for getting into narrower areas, but for cutting I prefer their standard model. This one isn't too expensive and works well.

    Hope this helps.


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