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Thread: vessel out of ?

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    vessel out of ?

    Hello everybody

    today il show you how i made a Vessel out of a treetop

    due to corona i start to use my old wood from my store

    there was a lot of rotten and spalted part in this wood piece
    meanwhile the hollowing a pice cracket complete out but i could glue it back in

    due to the rotten part il had to sand it a lot:/

    High: 45cm
    Diameter: 43cm
    Thickness: 0,3-3 cm

    Il sanded it up to 500 grit and for the finish il used woodturning oil

    hope you enjoy it

    best regards


    Wood Turning Corona.jpg12.jpg23.jpg2345.jpg

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    2 Questions:

    1. What size Gouge are you using when you turned that ?

    2. What brand of wood Lathe is that you are using ?

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    hi there

    the big gouge is 50mm, and its a old metal late from swizerland , rebuild to a woodlathe

    best regards


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    I asked on the video, and will ask again here, since I will guess I am not the only one who wants to know, what is the hook tool that you use for roughing out the inside??? I must have one, I think.... Don't think I have seen that one before.

    robo hippy

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    Are you concerned that the pith on the bottom will continue to crack? Will the oil finish stop the cracking?

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    Beautiful turning !!!

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    I admire your creative vision. I could never have seen that finished product coming from that chunk of wood. Nice work!

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