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Thread: Turning Sumac

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    Turning Sumac

    Got several 4 inch plus diameter Sumac trees in the woods behind the house. Has anyone tried turning Sumac ? How did it work out ?

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    I trimmed out some about the same size as yours this Spring. It turns easily but I don't really like it much. Huge pith, wide growth rings, very soft. Interesting color though. I turned a quick clunky goblet out of a piece to show my turning club as a wood ID quiz. Most of them knew it easily. I believe it also fluoresces under blacklight. Give it a go and see for yourself, what is there to lose. Have Fun!

    BTW, I assume you are talking about Staghorn Sumac or other substantial species, and not Poison Sumac which does not grow very large.
    Happy and Safe Turning, Don

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