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Thread: Donations to SMC

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    Thanks everyone for helping out, I don't say this enough but I am always appreciative of every donation whether it is financial or your participation.

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    Keith thanks for keeping SMC going. I use the forum to ask questions I canít find answers to elsewhere and I donít know if Iíve ever been disappointed.
    Iím glad to hear most contribute at the $25 - $60 a year range, would $6 even buy a six pack of beers?

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    I've been a contributor for several years, but recently sold a fair amount of stuff on the classified section. I considered what it would have cost to sell the items on the auction site or elsewhere and then donated 50% of that amount to SMC as an extra contribution. I figure everyone won. Maybe others could consider something similar?

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    A few weeks after I discovered SMC, I was running into trouble with my jointer. I turned to the Creek and described my problem. Three or four folks chimed in with different facets of the absolute correct solution. I made the change: since then the problem is gone. I learned a simple but crucial lesson in jointer setup that for some reason I never knew, but that will now stay with me.

    Was that worth six bucks?

    I think everyone here would agree that life without Sawmill Creek Forum would be poorer indeed. I will count on Keith to let us all know well before we ever get close to the point of no return.

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