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Thread: Tool Manufacturer Warranty and getting the machine repaired

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    Tool Manufacturer Warranty and getting the machine repaired

    Never had to have the old Table Saw repaired, and it lasted over 20 years. When it comes time to get a new table saw , once I figure out which one to get; a couple of questions:.....

    1. Who has the best Warranty ?

    2. Basement Workshop. Getting the old Table saw in the Basement, was a long winded process. If the future new Table Saw ever needs to be repaired under the Manufacturer's Warranty, would that cover a repair made in house, or would I have to haul that Table Saw out of the Basement and down to the repair shop ?

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    I can't comment on "best warranty".

    For service it would be rare to send something big anywhere and there are no "house calls" unless you pay considerably for a technician including travel. There is generally an industry expectation that the owner will provide the labor for repairs unless they contract privately with someone, particularly for mass market products. That's not universal and some higher end manufacturers do have service technicians one can hire to do repairs.

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    Agree with Jim. You need to spend big bucks to get in home warrantee service. None of the major brands will provide that - you’ll need to spied time communicating with tech support to figure out the issue, and they’ll send replacement for you to install if it’s warranted.

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    A really good local dealer/service rep might come out, but you would want to confirm first. One of the local places here would occasionally do that, but they have been gone for a couple years unfortunately.

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    1. Why do you need a new saw ? Something worn out ? Can't it be replaced or repaired ?
    2. Are you really looking for a saw; or an insurance policy ?
    3. Can't imagine anyplace still makes house calls on consumer tools - especially in pandemic times.
    4. If they won't deliver and setup in your basement do you think they will service there ?

    I'd be looking to buy the best saw that fit my needs and budget. Warranty would be waaaaaaay down the list of deciding factors. It's simply an expression of confidence by a manuf. and is factored into the price.

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    Clarence, the expectation among manufacturers of stationary shop equipment is that the owner provides any labor needed to make repairs. Spare/replacement parts could be provided under warranty but the install will be on you (which is nothing to be scared of, in my opinion). This is standard across the industry. Hope this answers your question.

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    I have a Felder sliding saw/shaper now and Felder support has been solid. I had a Sawstop ICS before and they had really good support. There was a small issue with the fence when I unboxed it and they overnighted the necessary parts to fix it. When you get a new toy waiting a week or two to be able to use it is not fun. They excelled. I had another occasion to call them and the call was answered by someone with excellent english, likely in Seattle.

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    User an appliance dolly to move stuff up / down the stairs. they even have powered ones. I rented a non-powered one from uhaul. If your saw is assembled, you will need to take it apart.

    Buy a saw from someone with good phone support that can get you parts. Sawstop had great support, but I think that they were sold, no idea how that has affected their support.

    I don't know if delta is still a thing, but I heard you could not get parts for their stuff, but that news is years old and perhaps out of date.

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