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Thread: Another magazine thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wade Lippman View Post
    I just bought 100 old FWW for $20. Odds are someone will buy them if you put them on CL.
    Odds are nobody will buy them. You MIGHT get lucky & find someone to buy them.

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    I have heard that prison inmates can be very appreciative of good and varied reading material.
    I have no idea how to go about finding a jail or prison to donate to however.

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    Over the last two years when I have been in medical facilities everyone was looking at their cell phones while they were waiting. It's been rare to see any magazines in waiting areas.

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    My wife got sick of all the magazines so she made me a deal. I gave up the hard copies and she replaced them with the dvds. Now I have something that's searchable. I can print something if I want. I still subscribe to FWW so the deal includes a new dvd every other year at Christmas. She also gets me Fine Homebuilding and Wood.

    I imagine that FWW and Fine Home Building would be fairly popular with the doctor/dentist/barber. It can be light reading whether someone intends to do this stuff or not. Pictures are nice.

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