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Thread: Movable Clamp Rack ???

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    Movable Clamp Rack ???

    I've seen them before, but can't find them now. A Rack that is on wheels so it can move around the shop; to store all sorts of Pipe Clamps. They still make those movable clamp storage racks ??

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    Rockler makes one, Bessey makes one, Grizzly has a couple.
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    Just google "mobile clamp rack"

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    52,881 can make one, too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Becker View Post can make one, too...
    Made several over the years from NYW plans. Only thing I changed is I rounded corners on base. My clamp rack is the most expense real estate in my shop, costing more (loaded) per sq ft than my Unisaw.

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    Found the plans.

    Thanks !

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