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Thread: Indexing device on or off the lathe

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    Indexing device on or off the lathe

    I'm trying to layout various open segment bowl bottoms, so it doesn't require fitting the headstock. Anyone have a lead on an indexing device, wheel - plate - or ?

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    Take a look at the Alisam indexing plates.

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    I use the one by Chefware Kits. I made a simple stop for it though Chefware offers one. Very happy with it. I've made several index wheels from plexiglass and glued index patterns printed from Smithart...(I think). Those were ok for basket illusion pieces, but I wasn't happy trying then for open segment work. If you haven't seen Earls Small Segment Shop on you tube, I highly recommend checking it out. He does some fine work and I like his methods.

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