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Thread: Going Neander' Well, probably mostly... or at least a lot more...

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    Jerome, you must have more Neander in you than I!

    I have a nice bandsaw and it has definitely paid for itself by allowing me to efficiently dimension lumber from free and near free sources of wood. And shop-sawn veneer is a favored theme. Definitely, hands-down, would be the last power tool I sold.

    Erich, have been enjoying watching your projects and good luck with the shop rearrangements.

    "You can observe a lot just by watching."
    --Yogi Berra

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    Congrats on selling your table saw. I would recommend the following book for a hybrid woodworker, it is by Jim Tolpin and is called "The new traditional woodworker".

    In my experience the following tools compliment a hybrid shop well. A 15-16" bandsaw (PM1500), festool TS-55 (can be used for jointing edges and crosscutting boards--with Peter Parfits crosscut jigs it is better than an MFT, 12" dewalt planer, and a drill press. I have a dedicated crosscut parf guide board that is setup with a fixed 90 degree fence w/flip stops for the festool TS55 that I set on-top of sawhorses or a workbench when dedicated crosscuts are needed and stores on the wall when not in use.

    I also have a portable dewalt 8.25" table saw that is stored in a shed and Kapex on a rolling stand that I only use outdoors on the occasional home DIY project. These tools are the largest dust producers which is why they aren't used inside my shop. Good luck, I think you will find that hybrid woodworking is enjoyable and certain machines enhance that experience and do not detract from it.

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    My answer to planers are handplanes and a 19x38 drum sander. I have small bandsaw that handles most of ripping needs. I may upgrade that someday but I really don't have much need for instruments. I get my back and sides cut almost to size and then run through the DS to final dimensions. I love hybrid woodworking but try to steer towards hand tools whenever possible.

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    Thank John,

    I actually have a Festool tracksaw (and jigsaw, and ROS, and Domino...) So I'll probably never be totally neander. But I find I only want to use the tracksaw on plywood. I am hand sawing all solid wood. I also will probably never get rid of my drill press. Just used it the other day to drill some clearance holes in steel to put some casters on my lathe stand. Can't imagine doing that by hand.

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