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    I ordered a rikon 1/2 hp slow speed grinder last week. They are on sale for $100 at rockler right now. I used it for the first time this morning and it is a game changer. I've been struggling trying to get chisels to work in a honing guide, getting rounded bevels without a honing guide. I've had success with plane irons in a honing guide, but it limits how much of the stone I can use. I've been dishing and flattening waterstone a lot trying to get good edges. I dont why I waited so long, a few minutes at the grinder and I had a nice hollow grind, then it was so easy to hold the tool at the right angle on the stones. I'm ecstatic how much time and waterstone I'm going to save.

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    I bought that same tool a couple years ago and experienced the same thing - for me, it was a game changer. Glad you're enjoying yours!

    I've been upgrading mine here and there to get more out of it. I bought a cbn wheel - love it. (I suspect the 1/2 hp grinder doesnt have enough ooomph to spin 2 cbn wheels but havent tried it.) I also adapted the toolholder for a Tormek - works better for me than the Lee Valley grinder tool rest. (Tormek BGM100 Bench Grinder Tool Rest Mount Kit for Tormek Sharpening Jig.)

    Here's a pic to give you ideas:

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    Nice Fred. Thanks for the advice. I'm happy with the stock wheel and tool rest currently, but I imagine I'll get a CBN after this one wears down. I'm unsure whether I'll want a better tool rest, but time will tell

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