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Thread: Admit it-What Harbor Freight tools do you have?

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    I have the 2 hp dust collector. I’ve had it for over 10 years and it still works great.
    I have the small belt sander with the disk sander and the large belt sander with the sanding disk. The Large one is awesome. The small one is junk.
    I have their Oscillating spindle Sander which is fantastic and works great.
    I have their socket sets, breaker bar and Quinn digital Torque wrench which is awesome and compares favorably to the Snapon. I have their Mortiser, which I hate and have used twice. I should have known because it was missing the hardware pack when I got it home and when I went back, their manager tore open a new box and gave me the hardware kit out of it. LOL. (Mystery solved).

    (Also go there for sandpaper, nitrile gloves and various odds and ends)
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    It smells like I just contracted cancer every time I step into their store. But the really troubling thing is I no longer notice the smell as I step out.

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    A couple more to add to my list. Thumb ratchets and wobble extensions for sockets. Used both in the last couple of days. Would be using a set of feeler gauges, but they were sold out when we went by on Monday after wife's doctor appointment.

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    Nothing with any moving part.


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    They had good soaker hoses ,that worked better than big-box schlock. I've even lent them to neighbors,and they still
    worked when returned ! I've had big box stuff that performed like a geyser, the rest of the hose did nothing except
    help find it in a messy garage. This year HF does not have them.

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    I think that there is some correlation between the cost of a tool and the "quality". Usually "quality" equates to longevity. So, if I had unlimited funds, I would not buy HF but would buy the tools from US, German and Swiss manufacturers.

    But, unfortunately I have limited funds. I could buy better tools than HF, but most of my vast collection of HF tools are likely to outlive me.

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    Not a single thing.
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    A bunch of hand tools plus a jigsaw and hammer drill. Both those power tools work fine for what I need. The hammer drill has been awesome, in fact. Used it to drill a ton of anchor bolt holes in a concrete slab during a CNC router install a couple of weeks back and it kicked butt. I guess if I made a living off these tools, I might feel differently but for the use they see, cannot complain.

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    Add two more to my list. Extendable magnetic pick up tool and inspection mirror. Used magnetic tool today to check if door hardware was brass (it is.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by David Buchhauser View Post
    Perhaps they have some wrenches, hammers, or other items I might need with no smell or grease. I'll let you know what I find out. I'm actually looking for a smallish air compressor that I can wheel out to the from yard to air up some tires on some of my vehicles. A friend also told me he bought an aluminum floor jack there. Sounds like a treasure trove of nice stuff.
    The store does have an "odor" to it, but it's not as if everything in the store is packed in cosmolene, or packing grease. The large items though are certainly coated with protective coatings on the non painted surfaces. It is definitely going to smell like rubber. They have a lot of plastic and rubber materials in the store. I have 10's upon 10's of millions of dollars in jacketed cabling at work, and it stinks also. Makes you want to gag in some of the cable spreading rooms. It's not a "cheap" issue.
    Part of the issue with he odor is the HVAC system in the store itself. I don't know that HF actually builds their own stores. All of their stores I've been in were empty stores that they just moved into. Depending on what was in there before, will go a long way towards determining how quickly air can be exchanged. Some smell worse than others.
    Regardless, it just smells like an old time car repair shop.
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    About ready to pull the trigger on their 9000# Badlands winch for the Jeep.
    NOW you tell me...

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    The only tool I can think of now is their oscillating tool. I don't use it much so I went cheap for that one. I probably have a couple of others that I don't remember right now.

    Ah, one I just thought of is their aluminum floor jack. I needed it for one thing and never hardly used it after.

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    A large shop press, large metal cutoff saw and misc small stuff. Probably should have included Northern Tool too.

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    With a HF about 5 miles from the house, it's the most convenient place we have. I generally go with them for (1) stuff that doesn't get heavy usage, (2) stuff that I have "good" versions of that I don't want to destroy, or (3) things that I can modify to work for me.

    Here's what I can remember.
    - Hanging Storage Cabinet (for storing stains, dyes, paints, etc.)
    - 44" rolling cabinet
    - 13" floor drill press (has the same casting numbers as Rikon)
    - 2HP dust collector (highly modified)
    - 12" ratcheting clamps (a bunch of them)
    - Framing nailer
    - Wood chisels (sacrificial)
    - Heat gun
    - 3/8" ratchet handles
    - Metal folding saw horses (for outside work)
    - 24 compartment storage containers (for screws, electrical bits and pieces, etc.)
    - 50' air hose reel
    - Variable speed oscillating multi tool
    - Ratchet straps
    - Hydraulic table cart
    - Metal ammo can (to store extra sanding belts)
    - Misc. other stuff like heat shrink tubing, crimp-on electrical connectors, tarps, etc.

    I know I'm probably missing some stuff, but you get the general idea.
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    No tools, just rubber gloves.

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