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Thread: help with makita cordless track saw not returning from plunge position

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    help with makita cordless track saw not returning from plunge position

    I have had the saw for 3 years and it has worked well with no problems. Until now.
    After a cut the motor will not return all the way up to the start position by itself.
    I have to manually pull the saw motor up to return the blade into the head. Sometimes it will return up 1/2 way by itself but I have to finish.
    I have not completely dismantled the saw yet.
    The saw does this whether it is on the track or not.
    Any one else have this happen? and fix it?

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    Has the saw been dropped ? I've heard of tracksaw mech. jamming when this happens.

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    Hi Dave, No, I have not dropped it (yet).
    It lives in it's systainer from job site to job site.
    I don't loan power tools anymore, from the shop or on the job, because of past issues with how they come back to me.

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    If you take the blade cover off, you may find the problem there. Iím not familiar with the Makita, but if the Dewalt is similar this problem can be caused by sawdust collecting around the plunge mechanism. Cutting green wood or not using a vacuum is usually the culprit.

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    I will take a look at that tomorrow, thanks Eric.

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    Did it work ?

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    Mike, 'tomorrow' did not work out quite as I planned. In fact I still have not taken it apart. I have to tho. I used the saw track saw the last 2 days and it is getting stickier.

    I use a fein vac about 1/2 the time and a dust bag the other 1/2. I do much prefer the vac.

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    took it apart today. I can find no reason for it to not work correctly.
    I will call Makita Monday...

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    The saw was still under warranty. The repair tech showed me a small set screw that controls the rate of return for the saw which I never saw even with taking the sole plate off.
    Any way, it is now fixed and now working as new. Nice 3 year warranty.

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