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Thread: looking for owners of Pre-Rockler Bench-Dog router tables

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    looking for owners of Pre-Rockler Bench-Dog router tables

    I bought a Bench-Dog steel router table bolt-on addition with the Pro-Lift, before Rockler bought them. Is there anyone else out there?

    What are using for lock rings? I'm using a home made combo of PorterCable bushings and an adapter for the bushings. It works, but it's ugly. Hopefully someone came up with something better.

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    John, have a look at this thread:
    I have the OEM steel rings that came with and made a few additional Lexan rings.
    As mentioned in the thread, they could be made out of ply, mdf, etc.
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    Yes...I have a very nice thread here about putting one on my slider as a "poor man's shaper"...

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    Excellent thread. Nice to know there are others of us out there.

    I really like my table. I have a left tilt Delta contractor saw that the BD plate just bolted on to, swapped for an original Delta plate that moved to the other end. So with the BD plate, adding a router table took no additional space, and while the entire assemblage of Pro Lift and Fence was not cheap, with the heavy Porter router it can pretty much do any job I throw at it. With it mounted to my tablesaw my rip fence just slides down the table and T-s up the Pro fence. I can see absolutely no logic to Rockler obsoleteing anything about it, but it seems like nothing of the ones they sell now fit with the older setups.

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