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Thread: What Did You Spend Your Stimulus Money On

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    What Did You Spend Your Stimulus Money On

    Ours arrived about 10 days ago. I'm retired, and I wonder why I even got it, but I did, and cheerfully cashed the check. It looks like its going to hiking gear, because since my retirement, I applied, was accepted, and went through basic training as a US Forest Service Ranger. So I needed a small tent, stove, and rescue beacon.


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    Put mine in a savings account so when payback time comes I'll have it. Trust me payback time will come.
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    Put it in a savings account. We owe a rather hefty sum to the IRS for our 2019 taxes so it will be handy in July when they are due.

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    I only got about half of it, but I used it to help those less fortunate than me. I am lucky to not have had my income disrupted by the virus, it didn’t feel right to keep it.

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    I just transferred the whole $210.30 we got into my checking account...where it will likely help with the taxes we owe when I finally file in a short while.

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    $600 to our local food bank, $600 to a local homeless shelter. We did not need the money.

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    Well after we missed the Obama Care tax relief cutoff by a few hundred dollars last year and our healthcare cost us $2300 a month instead of $470, which we didn't know until we did our taxes in February before C-19 hit, I didn't feel quite so guilty about getting $2400 back from the government after we wrote them a check for $34K last year.

    So I did what any brave man would do, I used mine plus the wife's and bought myself a Shaper Origin CNC router.

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    Mine will go at least partly to replace my income lost from seven days of furlough. The state has waived the one week waiting period for unemployment so I got unemployment to cover the other part of my pay.

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    Bought a roofing nailer, because I'm replacing a bunch of shingles on shop and lower part of the house. Wife tells me I can't do the upper part. Some is going to NC Woodworker site. Sent some to local Y to help cover summer camp expenses for kids who can't afford it. Rest is in savings for our State Fair Ministry, which may not happen this year.
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    We donated the entire amount to local and national charities. Our income and life style other than social life have not been affected by the pandemic.
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    Ditto here. We donated ours to the Albuquerque Roadrunner food bank
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    "Mine" went to you folks. Please enjoy, spend it wisely, and remember where it came from.

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    So, a question. Those who had a bank account linked for tax return refund reasons got their money probably a month and a half ago. My brother got his deposited.
    Those that did not were supposed to get a check in June. Some I know have gotten a check within the last couple weeks.
    I on the other hand, along with a couple people I know got a debit card instead???? What the??
    Not real helpful.
    Don't know what to do with it. We were hoping for a check to deposit in savings to offset already paid bills.
    The debit card has so many strings attached apparently from what my wife read-
    You want to check your balance? - fee $0.25
    You want to know how much your starting with? - fee $0.25
    You want to buy anything? Fee every time.
    You want cash advance? Fee every time
    You want to deposit in bank account? First $1000 free, but you gotta fill out a form that neither my wife, nor the bank lady could find online- next partial deposit = fee
    Had the debit card 2 days and all we are finding is how they want to "fee" it all away.....
    What the hell is going on???
    I dunno how they decide who gets the card so they can steal it back, and who gets the check or direct deposit in full with no issues..........

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    Study closely. It took my wife studying and she got the entire amount on that usurious card transferred free to our bank account. When it arrives we’ll figure out what do with

    The card appears tailored to help major political contributors, what with all the hidden fees.

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