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Thread: Coffee thread

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    Coffee thread

    Ok coffee snobs unite.

    I just read “sure it’s old news” Stumptown and intelligentsia” have been purchased by Pete’s.

    Other than Counter culture George Howell I’m lost.

    So what are the kids drinking these days.

    Once upon a time and I remember the first “Coffee Connection” in Newton center Massachusetts later to become Starbucks founded then sold by George Howell. George now has a small mom and pop style shop in Newton but I have grown tired of his roasts. And the atmosphere of the shop is lacking to be quite honest and I’m not talking the art on the walls.

    So what’s out there, we are forced paying our utility bills, vehicles and much of a food purchased to support conglomerates.

    I’d rather not. But I do like me a good high quality high test cup of coffee.

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    Try Weavers Coffee, you can order via mail order, they are based in San Francisco area. John Weaver was the master roster for Peet’s, um when Peet’s was owned Alfred Peet. Actually Weavers uses the same roasters that Peet’s used to use when they manually roasted coffee.

    No affiliation, I am just a happy customer of theirs, by the way..

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    My wife gets ours from an internet store. the guy's actual B&M store is in Tennessee.
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    I get my coffee from two places. Bad ass coffee located on Maui but they ship from Salt Lake City I think and Kauai coffee company. Both have fast shipping and have what I think is a superior product IMHO.

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    Having grown up with Peet's in my 'backyard' they have been my choice for over 50 years.

    My regular morning cup is their Major Dickason's Blend®.

    Since my heart surgery my doctors would prefer me not drinking coffee:

    Cup of Coffee.jpg

    Except on rare or special occasions my consumption is kept to one cup a day.

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    There’s a Whole Foods near me that roasts their beans in-store. Not sure about now, but pre-covid, I could scoop, smell and bag from a choice of about 10 different beans that had been roasted in the last few days.

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    I have my beloved morning latté every day...most of our beans come from Costco. Currently, what I have is from Guatemala and the alternative we also buy is from Mexico. The Rwandan is also very good when I can get it. These are all dark roast beans. I brew with a semi-automatic La Spazele espresso machine.

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    I like my morning cup as well. For my tastes, I like a good medium to city roast. Dark roast burns the nuances and subtleties out and yields a charcoal-like tasting brew no matter the origin or quality of the beans imo. Love a good pour over, french press and then drip made cup in that order. Used to pay crazy prices for Kona and Jamaican Blue Mountain but now settle for modestly priced medium roast Columbian Supremo from Sam's or Costco. Guess I'm not such a snob, just like a good cuppa joe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jared herbert View Post
    I get my coffee from two places. Bad ass coffee located on Maui but they ship from Salt Lake City I think and Kauai coffee company. Both have fast shipping and have what I think is a superior product IMHO.
    Looks like a Bad Ass Coffee was sold to a Utah businessman and has franchises in many locations now. The local shop was my go to place when skiing in Park City. I have been getting my beans from Peet's, but may try some of the other suggestions here.

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    Roast your own. Why anybody drinks bad coffee in this day and age is something I do not understand.

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    I have always loved a good cup of coffee but due to my wife being a light sleeper I can't run a grinder in the morning so after a pretty good search we lucked on a German roasted grind at, of all places, Aldi. I brew it fairly strong in a drip coffee maker of the cheap variety. I drink one or two cups max and thoroughly enjoy it. If I'm out, Panera has pretty good stuff.
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    We go thru 3-4 pots a day, so we like coffee, but to be honest, we're not aficionado's by any stretch, we just drink what tastes good!

    We have 2 Cuisinart coffee makers side by side on the counter-
    -the burr-grinder version 'grind n' brew' and a basic 12 cup maker, which is the only coffee maker I've found with a 4 hour off-timer...

    --and on the other side of the radar range is a cheap coffee press and another burr grinder...
    Every night before bed the wife grinds up pot's worth for the small maker to auto-brew in the morning. All other coffee for the day gets fresh ground and made in the big maker.

    We buy Winco's Red Brick coffee, no complaints, especially at $7 a pound.

    We're 'sweet 'n cream' drinkers, and don't necessarily like strong coffee, so we like our flavored coffees-- dark cherry chocolate, raspberry chocolate and cinnamon swirl are always in the cupboard.
    For 'real' coffee, we like Kona, breakfast blend, tanzanian peaberry in light roast,
    Red Brick house blend and sumatra manhendling and donut shop in medium roast,
    and we like most of their dark roast coffee, french roast, sumatra dark, columbia dark, usually in small doses, which we press...

    Red Brick's flagship 'holy crap' coffee is their Rocket Java. Neither of us can drink it, just too out there for us. It's aptly named because, to me, it tastes like jet fuel! Our kids and friends tell us they love it.

    So if you ever show up here for a name badge or a visit, there's ALWAYS coffee on
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    Couple more hours and it’s coffee time again!

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    You may find this article From the Uk interesting This is the store where I shopped for coffee /tea and you were able to purchase as little as 2 ounces neatly wrapped in paper which allowed you to sample different blends

    The shop and its fittings hardly changed in all of this time. The 34 decorated canisters containing the tea are the originals, said to have been made by the tinners of Bradley - "the best in the business" - and were japanned and decorated with the flags of all nations. One showed the flag of the United States, then properly showing 20 stars. The only time at which the US flag had 20 stars was from 1818 to 1819. This might, give or take a few years, show the date these tins were made.

    and search w. t. m. Snape google images
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