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Thread: Bad Time To Be Selling Tools?

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    I've sold a couple of old bikes and some tools in the past couple of days. These were items that I'd listed many times over the years. I couldn't keep up with the inquiries. I'm sure the lockdown thing is stifling demand. but it's also stifling supply on the retail side. It's also got people wasting a lot more time browsing.

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    When I talked to the guy at Acme last week (they are local to me), he said they were having trouble keeping things in stock. Apparently everyone wants to set up a work shop, since there isn't much else to do.

    I know that greenhouses, garden centers, and nurseries are having good years. Same thing, everyone is stuck at home and looking for something to do around the yard. The people with jobs seem to have surplus cash, since there is so little to do, especially entertainment wise.

    i'm in the process of upgrading my 6" jointer to an 8" Jet (finally after 20 years, yay!!!) so hopefully the 6" Jet will sell fast, I don't have any room for it

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    I need to check out the local pawn shop to see if they have in any good tools worth buying. i have not been in since they moved about six months ago. Seems like people not working might be pawning stuff for the duration.
    Bill D.

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