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If you don’t mind the suggestion, I don’t think it would be a bad thing to fill the center point with a “berry”.

Thanks Phil that's an excellent idea – don't know why I never thought of it! Too late for this project now that the finish is done, but definitely something I'll remember for the next time – thank you!

Derek, here's a picture with drawer pulls attached.


Chris and Jeff, I think you're right that it can be challenging to execute small details like carving on small-scale pieces. For me, I pretty much need the magnifying visor for this scale of work. However the upside of small-scale projects is you get a chance to try out new techniques where the cost of failure isn't so bad. For example I initially carved one of the columns upside down – yikes I hate when that happens! In fact, I glued it up that way and Sherrie just happened to walk by and convinced me to disassemble and try again. That was the right call, carving a replacement column the third time around was about three times as fast as the original.

All the best, Mike