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Thread: Mini split question

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    You never know, Bryan. So if you do some kind of venting into/out-of the office to solve your issue, be sure to do them as indirect paths as I noted above so your bases are covered relative to noise transmission. Insulating the walls and ceiling of the office will also be a good idea, I'm thinking...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith Outten View Post
    Lee, do the mini split systems that have multiple heads also have individual thermostats? Setting only one thermostat would make the office very cold in the time it takes to cool down the shop area.

    I'm not sure anyone answered this, but at least in the case of my Mitsubishi mini-split, I have two separate thermostats, via remote controls for two air handlers, with a single compressor unit outside. Works great.
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    Regarding the unit size, I have a Mitsubishi 18k unit in my 20x22 attached garage. Before install I had the walls filled with low expand foam, the ceiling filled with fiber equal to the house, the rafters covered with solar radiant fifoil like our house, and the double sized garage roll up door lined with foam. It is better insulated now than my energy star rated home. The HVAC company used the calculator and told me I only need a 9k unit for my space based on the 20x22 size. I argued with them insisting that I wanted the unit to be able to quickly overcome opening the door briefly in the FL heat. They assured me it would be fine and offered a guarantee to change it to the larger 18k I asked for at only the equipment cost difference if it didn't handle the space. Well, it only took 3 days for them to come back and agree with me and order the larger unit. They removed the 9k and installed the 18k and I only paid the difference in equipment. The problem was that the 9k just couldn't keep up with that large door open for any amount of time and to make matters worse the large door and one side of my garage get sun all day long.

    Long story short, if you have any roll up doors that you open from time to time, that unit might not be as "oversized" as you think. I'd probably consider the extra money for the second head as insurance for the unit to be able to keep both spaces comfortable. My unit runs 24/7 and has for 10 years now. It does great at keeping temperature. I never run the heat on mine and usually have it set on 74 degrees year round. I also run a dehumidifier 24/7 with a drain line. The mini split never seems to be able to dry the FL air very well on it's own.
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    I have two mini split systems. First one - Mitsubishi 1 ton for 24 by 20 well insulated shed. Installed 7 years ago by professional. It is heater, A/C, dehumidifier in one. Never has a problem with this unit. If I remember correctly - price for the unit and installation price were very close by numbers.
    Second unit - Mr.Cool 2 ton DIY, bought from Amazon and install myself. Total time for installation - 3 hours and total spending $1200 for everything. Same options as a Mr.Slim from Mitsubishi plus wifi control over net, which is a very convenient future.
    I would strongly advise for a Mr.Cool DIY unit.


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