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Thread: Porter Cable does not honor their warranty

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    Porter Cable does not honor their warranty

    I have a Porter Cable 7518 router motor that I purchased brand new, from a well known authorized retailer, less than a year ago. Recently, the speed control stopped working (which I have learned is a common problem). The router only works on one speed.

    I took it apart, b!ew out sawdust, etc. No luck. I tried calling Porter Cable 4 or 5 times overv the past few weeks via the number listed in the owners manual, and on their website. I have stayed on hold for up to 45 minutes, nobody answers, and there is no option to leave a message. I understand many companies are running smaller crews. That's fine. Change your greeting to let us know you won't be answering.

    I then send a message via the Porter Cable website. A week later, somebody replies asking for a copy of the receipt. I send the copy as requested. I was then informed that because the router was not purchased directly from Porter Cable, it is not covered under warranty (3 year warranty with 1 year free service). For that matter, there is not even an option on the PC website to buy the router directly from PC.

    I'm very surprised at this response. I'm posting this as an FYI for those looking at the PC 7518 router. Apparently the speed control is commonly defective, and Porter Cable will not honor their own warranty. Buyer Beware.

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    Time for small claims court methinks.

    That should get their attention.

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    That's too bad that they won't honor the warranty. Depending on how much you value your time, you may want to go ahead and just purchase the replacement part and get back to work (if you need the variable speed function). That's what I would probably do.

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    I would contact the seller. If they are an authorized retailer they will have a way to help.
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    Something doesnt make sense and I suspect you got a bad answer from their customer service. I'd wait a while and try again before beating them too badly. (I have gotten little to no customer service from several reputable companies in the last 2 months, and what little I did get was terrible or flat wrong. Some companies are having a tough go keeping up.)

    I think there was bad info provided because I did some homework and I cant see anything to support the crappy answer you got.
    1. I went to the and I see they have several router motors, including a 75182, which they describe as a "Replacement Motor for Router Model 7518". When I pushed the buy-now button, 6 retailers came up, but PC was not listed and doesnt seem to sell direct - just like you said.

    2. When I pushed the warranty button, I saw nothing unusual in the verbiage. LINK (Warranty at bottom of page.) Again, nothing in the warranty to support the crappy answer you got. And since you have the receipt, they shouldnt be able to claim you didnt register the tool.

    Good luck.
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    I agree with Frederick, Id contact the seller and ask them to get involved. As a retailer (not tool related), if a customer does not get satisfaction from one of our manufacturers, it usually only takes a phone call from us to get things straightened out.

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    I have had a very old Rockwell 1002, two 690s (one still has the now-unavailable variable speed) including both standard and plunge bases, and a 75182, so I guess I'm a Porter-Cable guy. Only the heavily used Rockwell unit gave up and died, but I think it was rode hard and put up wet every day for years by the prior owner. The other machines have never given me a day of trouble.

    Still, I have been dismayed by the sound of crickets on their website and customer service phone line for months now, well before this year, when I tried to buy the 75182 motor from them. Forget it. It looks like they have gotten out of direct-to-user business, and as mentioned above, there is scant information from them about where to go. Even the Buy Now button didn't work when I just tried it. We all know about Home Depot and Rockler and others, for example, but that seems to be it. When you drill down to the customer feedback on recent models, you see lots of negative comments. It does not bode well for this once-venerable toolmaker.

    I seem to have gotten lucky in buying a very lightly used 75182 on eBay, and for a bargain at that. It's working fine for now. We'll see.

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    I have five 690's one 7539 a couple drills as well as a miter saw and belt sander. Excellent stuff,but they are tools of the past when PC was pro grade. Now however it seems as if they have begun the slow death spiral to consumer level crap. Hate it when company's buy out one of their competitors who through competition made them better ,just so they can promote the stuff they make instead of competing to make better products.

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    Thanks for all the suggestions. I know the retailer will help me. They have a great reputation. I don't think they should take the hit on this. And I'm not buying a part to fix a tool that is clearly under "warranty". I'll keep the thread updated if there is a resolution. I only bought the PC because it has a long history of being a reliable router. I was even willing to accept the terrible run-out because I thought the router would be dependable for a long time. Run-out is so bad I couldn't even make finger joints with my Incra LS positioner (a task that was no problem with my last router). In my case, I bought a poorly made tool with no manufacturer support.

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    I'll be interested to know how things turn out. I thought long and hard about a 7518 for my new router table and lift, but the past couple years' worth of user reviews have been poor. I had an 890 in my old table and didn't want to have to keep taking it out for hand-held work, hence the look at the 7518. I too decided that PC's best days are behind them and got a Bosch 1617. So far, so good, but recent buyer reviews of the 1617 include quite a few unhappy customers too. Welp, there's always Festool

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    I haven't been pleased with them since B&D bought them out along with the rest of Pentair.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike stenson View Post
    B&D bought them out along with the rest of Pentair.
    There is the problem. B&D wants everyone to convert to yellow and black, instead of grey. Today, was by where Dewalt service center had been for over fifty years. Now it's a tire place. A couple years back, took in a B&D Industrial 4 1/2" angle grinder to have it rebuilt under their half of new cost program. Instantly told "no parts available," but they would be happy to sell me a new piece of trash Dewalt for half price. Came home and checked, and every part needed was available. Two of three needed parts showed as "in stock"at this service center with other being available next day.

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    I have several old PC routers and an old circ saw. I had a good impression of the brand as a result of those tools. When I needed a drill press a few years ago, I bought a PC floor model from Lowe's. I had my doubts because I don't think of the big box stores as selling high quality stationary machines, but I thought PC was still a good brand. The drill press had runout that was obvious to the naked eye. I called the service center to see if I could get replacement parts that would fix the problem and was told that there was no way they would do that. I told the representative that my only other option was to return the tool to Lowe's, as it was not acceptable in the state it was in. She said "fine" and I believe she hung up (it has been a while since that call and I can't recall for sure). I did return it and bought a used Clausing. Best choice ever, and I no longer consider PC tools when buying.

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