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Thread: Looking to start a new Business - Need Laser Advice please !

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    Looking to start a new Business - Need Laser Advice please !

    Hi Folks - I'm trying to research lasers and I'm finding it probably more confusing than just about any other tool that I've ever looked into! Here's my goal in a nutshell - I'm looking for a laser similar to what my business partner is using in Europe, while I'm in the states (Maine, so a bit out out the way to most places). He is using an 80w Chinese model that was locally upgraded by a company after being delivered, so it wasn't "right off the boat." He's mostly cutting 6mm MDF and ply and his bed is about 24" x 16" - He says that he doesn't cut at over 55% power to get through the 6mm MDF with sufficient speed.

    Ideally I'd like to keep my budget for a machine under around $8k. It seems like the American options quickly surpass $8k (at least the ones I've seen so far though I'm hoping I'm missing some options), and although for a lot of reasons (Support, service, documentation, software, safety, etc) I hesitate at investing in a Chinese Machine, it seems like that's a pretty common choice and lots of people have had good luck with them. I certainly understand many components come from China - I'm more worried about support than perhaps quality.

    Would anyone with more experience than I be kind enough to offer some recommendations for systems I should look at, either American or foreign? Thanks very much!


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    I would look into Rabbit Laser USA you can get close to what you want in size and price thy have several machines under 8000 that fit your bill and you couldn't ask for any better support. I have a Rabbit 6040 I bought used 6 years ago and its still going strong and on the first tube. Talk to them I'm sure they can set you up.
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    FYI there is a top of the line machine listed over on the for sale forum, more than you wanted to pay but well worth it as its marked at about 1/2 of new price.
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    Thanks Bill!

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    Thanks Bert - I checked out Rabbit but for the 100w it was very comparable to the Boss Laser pricing which seems to have a pretty big following....

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