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Thread: Mesquite Wood Gift

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    Mesquite Wood Gift

    I had a call this morning from man that had previously given me some soft Maple from trees being cut down. He said he had a section of Mesquite tree about 14"D x 6' long and tractor to load. I was about to leave for volunteer work, but decided to be a little late. He did get it loaded and I had to decide how to "unload" with a 30# weight restriction. My Harbor Freight hoist came in handy. I used strap to lift and move it so section to cut could be hooked with strap to move to sawbuck stand to split or cut to smaller length. It worked well and ended up with 10 half sections to make bowls from 12"d to 17"L natural edge bowls and one 8" section to turn a side grain vase. Nice to have people call with wood. The shame is there was a lot more wood about 6 to 10"D that another man that helped cut up the fallen tree section was going to use for "smoking". Can't turn it all so no complaints.
    IMG_3280 Mesquite.jpgIMG_3281 Mesquite.jpg

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    Nice score. You got the better deal as you can use offcuts for smoking.

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    Wow! Congrats on all that beautiful Mesquite! Great stuff to turn! Looking forward to seeing some of the bowls you get from it. Have fun!

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