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Thread: Unusual things your mum taught you that you still unconscionably do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Osvaldo Cristo View Post
    To make bed immediately after rise from bed at morning... I got myself doing that several times even at hotels! :-)
    I start making mine before I leave it. But that didn't come from's because I'm weird. Thus saith Professor Dr SWMBO.

    The most expensive tool is the one you buy "cheaply" and often...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stan Calow View Post
    turn a pillowcase inside out. Put your hands inside in the corners, and grab the pillow by the corners, pull it into the pillowcase while turning the good side down. Really irritates my wife when she sees me do this. So does rolling a pair of socks into a ball.
    She also taught me (along with teachers at the time) that you should always complement a woman on her appearance when you first see her. Not acceptable practice now.
    This worked great until the wife started buying pillowcases that open in the middle and close with buttons. Absolutely maddening.

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