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Thread: Oliver 20" planer, model 4430

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    Oliver 20" planer, model 4430

    Would appreciate anyone who would share their experience with the 4430. Spoke to sales at Oliver and they don't seem to know too much about their machine. This model has "German" made carbide cutters, 68 in total. The 16" model, 4420 has 90 cutters. They did not seem to know why; and, more importantly could not explain why the narrower head needed more cutters than the 20".

    Trying to find out how good/bad this machine works, as there is a restocking fee if it is returned.

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    Honestly looks just like every other 4-post planer out there. Except like the head moves, rather than table. Similar to lunch-box style planers (which makes me think it's a lower-end design).

    A 4-post planer is such a simple machine, I'd say just stick with a tried-and-true Grizzly. Or Powermatic if you feel inclined, but it's literally the exact same machine. Looks like Oliver is just trying to add some "fancy" change to make their machine distinctive from the rest of the pack, except that usually just adds trouble for the user.

    Oliver is not anything like what they're known for as far as "old iron" machines. A lot of machines from Grizzly, Powermatic, Jet, Oliver are made from the same designs nowadays. Just look at them. I've had Powermatic and Grizzly dovetail machines in my shop and they're "literally" the EXACT same machines. Except for paint lol.

    Grizzly is just offering them direct, rather than the rest using a dealer model, which is why they're marked up, so their dealers can make money as well as the company.

    Not saying Oliver doesn't make great machines in certain categories, or you wouldn't be happy with it. But every company makes a 4-post 20" planer, and they're all pretty much the same from my experience Spend your time and money on a more distinctive woodworking purchase.

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