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Thread: DW 735 planer

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    DW 735 planer

    My DW 735 planer will not elevate without great difficulty. Once before I adjusted the posts (4 corners) to insure that the table was level at each corner. That lasted for several months only. Is there a better solution?

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    Just spitballing, but have you waxed the acme rods (that the corners ride up and down on)?

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    I'll let you know if that works; that would be great but sounds too easy.

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    I’ve had this happen on a 735 before that had a defective /
    compromised dust shroud and was letting chips into the corners where the threaded posts are. The sawdust was building up in several areas including those corners and was clogging the chain and making raising and lowering very difficult until all the chips were cleared.

    Don’t know if this is what’s going on, but it might be?

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    That is also happening; but the posts extend above the machine at different levels, maybe a 1/4" difference in the diagonal corners. How did you correct the dust problem. The shroud seems to be intact and securely fixed.

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    I don’t know about the height differential. I’d have to go take a close look at mine.

    The dust issue was solved by installing a new replacement dust shroud. I can’t remember if it was sourced from Dewalt directly or from . The gaskets failed on the original and it was warped slightly enough to prevent it from making a good seal above the cutterhead. Didn’t look like it was very far off when installed, but eventually I figured out what kept clogging up the innards. This was on an older 735 where I used to work that probably had 10 years on it.

    My personal machine is a bit newer and extremely clean inside and doesn’t seem to have any chip infiltration.
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    Mine is almost 10 years old; I will get a new dust shroud. After you changed the shroud did that fix moving the cutterhead

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    Yes, that solved the chip clogging issue which was causing the raise and lower chain to clog. I can’t imagine there being a non factory replacement dust shroud, but I would certainly try and get a factory replacement as the fit needs to be just right. I think it was $20-30, though I’ve slept many nights between then and now.

    I just looked at the tops of the posts on my 735 and placing a flat piece of plywood that covered all 4 posts showed that one of them may be 1/64” lower than the other 3, but pretty much coplaner. I don’t know if that’s also causing you an issue? Hopefully someone with some experience with that will stumble along this thread.

    Good luck and let us know how you resolve it.

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    Mine is almost 10 years old; I will get a new dust shroud. After you changed the shroud did that fix moving the cutterhead

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    If you have chips accumulating under the top cover, there is a leak in one of the components. Itís likely in the fan shroud. I would check the seal around the blade/knife guard first, as this is far easier to deal with than the fan shroud. You may have to remove the fan to find the break in the fan shroud as it may be on the underside. The chips do prevent the height adjustment from operating properly.

    Itís a real pain to put the fan clips in, but relatively easy to remove them to inspect the fan housing. There are videos on how to replace the fan housing.

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    I will look at that as well.

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    There have been reports of the fan shroud developing leaks from all the sawdust grinding it down.

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