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Thread: Best way to cut wine glass stems ????

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    Best way to cut wine glass stems ????

    Is there some sort of trick to cutting the stems ? Can't figure out the best tool to use for cutting that glass stem

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    Have you looked at the glasses craft supply sells? Instead of a stem they have a nub for gluing into a wood stem.

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    A tile cutter with a diamond blade is what my wife uses. You have to support the stem with a block of wood so it is parallel and slowly cut. Works well.

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    I bought a bunch of inexpensive thin diamond disks for my dremel tool. Then I carefully run it all the way around the neck to put in a narrow and shallow groove. Then, holding the goblet end in one hand I would take something hard and with a little mass and tap it below the groove. IIRC, they all snapped on the first rap. Most were cut very cleanly. A couple I may have used the diamond disk to round off a remaining small sharp point. Sometimes the large base gets in the way of the dremel tool and I (1) removed the base first and (2) then removed the long stem. Works really well. The whole thing takes perhaps 20 or 30 seconds.

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    I use a triangular and make a groove around the stem. Then a light tap breaks it right off.

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    I score them with a tubing cutter used for brake lines etc. and snap them off. Full proof

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