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Thread: question about sharpening planer blades in place

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    question about sharpening planer blades in place

    On the old school planers with a built in knife grinder how often do you lift the blades up. Before every grind or every so many? If you do not lift them then all the other adjustments must be tweaked after each sharpening? Bed roller height would be the only one not affected.
    Do you have to adjust infeed roller, outfeed roller, pressure bar, chip breaker each time?
    Bill D
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    On my Powermatic 160 I probably got 6 sharpenings in before raising the knives. It depends on the damage, if there were chips in the knives that would require removing more material than restoring a dull edge. Technically I suppose all the settings should be adjusted, in practice tweaking the pressure bar has sufficed. The SCMI 520 at my old gig had a spring-loaded pressure bar so it was grind and go.

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    As Kevin said it depends upon how much material you remove.

    When I was setup Tech I would get 3 or 4 sharpening before resetting the planer.

    If I lost track of the number it would be obvious....Rod

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