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Thread: Memorial Day

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    Memorial Day

    Yesterday I was driving through the small eastern PA town of Blandon and saw a banner like this flying from nearly every telephone pole along their main street. It was, to say the least, moving.

    I couldn't find anything online about CPL Benino, but I appreciate the reminder that behind all the parades and speeches, there were real human beings.

    I'm disappointed by how many references I've seen to this being "the start of summer" or of well-meaning people wishing each other "happy Memorial Day." Memorial Day is a holiday (origin of that word - "holy day") that we in the US should observe, not celebrate.

    I have no issue with people enjoying the day, sharing a cookout and beverage of choice with family and friends (at least as much as the current situation allows). I will do the same. But I will also ensure I take a few moments to remember the people whose pictures I saw on the banners in Blandon.

    Wishing you a safe and thoughtful Memorial Day,
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    Good thought. Good reminder.
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
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    Since Memorial Day -- Decoration Day as it was once known -- is about & for those who made the Supreme Sacrifice, lest I forget:

    PFC David L Felt , USMC, DOB 04/05/46, Sacramento, CA KIA 08/17/65
    Lt. Peter Paul Domiano, USMC, DOB 10/18/43, Industry, NY KIA 07/01/66
    PFC Billy Dean Nelson, USMC, DOB 06/30/47, Lommis, NE KIA 07/20/66
    PCF Bradley Alan Pearson, USMC, DOB 11/27/46,Clear Lake, WI KIA 07/20/66

    And most of all:
    PFC John Alton Girod JR, USMC, DOB 06/14/44, Denham Springs, LA KIA 02/21/66

    The German song "Ich hatte einen Kameraden" --"I had a comrade" is played on German Remembrance Day . Part of it goes:

    A bullet flew towards us
    meant for me or meant for you?
    It took him away,
    he lies beneath my feet
    like a piece of myself.

    In the case of Johnny, it wasn’t a bullet, but shrapnel & if it wasn’t for him, it would have hit me....

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    I have gone to a Memorial Day observance in my hometown every Memorial Day for 30+ years. This will be the first year I haven't gone because pretty much all observances are cancelled.

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    I agree, it's not a day to celebrate but to observe and honor those who died for our country. A lot of us gave some but some gave all.


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    I have a list like that Ray. Mine is from B 1/7 and 1st CAG 1968-69. Today as on every Memorial Day, I will pull out of their box and wear my dog tags. As I go through the day their feel is a reminder to me of what the day really means. This is not day to fete living veterans, but a day to remember those who gave all.
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    Thanks to all who have served and are serving now, especially those that made the ultimate sacrifice.

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