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Thread: UV Resistant & Stainable Wood Filler

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    UV Resistant & Stainable Wood Filler

    I have some reclaimed heartwood redwood that I'm planning into turning into an outdoor table and chairs. It's fairly beat up, so I was planning on filling in the the larger cracks and voids with epoxy. However, I've since learned that I'd need to use a film finish to protect it, and I don't want to do that. I live in Colorado so the pieces are going to be subjected to pretty intense UV exposure. I want to use a finish that I can simply brush on each each year (like Sherwin Williams SuperDeck Oil Transparent, but I'm not tied to that).

    I've tried various stainable wood fillers in the past, but they are never really stainable and always end up coming loose in larger voids. Anyone know of any wood filler that has good holding power and won't break down under UV exposure or won't break down with a non-film finish applied? Absorbing the stain isn't super important as long as the filler is available in different colors or can be dyed.

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    The only wood filler I have found that really holds is bondo. Have tried about every other product available over the years, but none work like bondo. Far as coloring it, I use a permanent marker, and find it does color the filler. Of course I use poly to finish projects, and have not used bondo as an exterior filler. But it works on cars, so practically indestructible.

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    I don't think the issue is holding power of the filler, it wood movement. Nothing is going to hold if the wood moves 1/8"

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    Has anyone used any of the "hot glue" adhesive wood fillers. Seems like it originated in Europe and now there are several companies selling the same re-branded products:

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    Mohawk has epoxy sticks in various colors, break off a chunk of it, knead it together, then push it into the holes/cracks to fill them. It sets up quickly, so don't use too much at a time. They have a Cherry, & Mahogany color, maybe those will work?

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    I’ve used Durham’s putty to fill knot holes in my outside deck with pretty good results. It can be colored. I treat my deck with Flood natural and it’s held up well.

    I’ve also used the Mohawk wood epoxy sticks Tom mentioned for the same deck application and it too has held up well, maybe even a little better than the Durham’s. But if you have a lot to fill, it can get a little pricey.

    Whatever you use, I’d suggest drilling a few holes in the void to give the putty something to anchor to.

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