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Thread: Delta 768 Band Saw

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    Delta 768 Band Saw

    We are in the process of setting up my Mother's Estate sale. One of the items is a Delta 768 Bandsaw, the saw is in very good condition, but lacks a motor and the original stand. Part of me wants to buy it, but my shop is crowded and I don't know how useful this saw would be.

    Just asking if there is a special use this saw excels at or is it better for the collectors of vintage machinery. I think it would sell $80-100, so not
    much money.

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    I have one that I bought a couple of years ago. It was in very good condition with a 1/2 hp motor, paid $300 for it. Only replaced bearings (just to be safe), as it was already nicely repainted, etc. I also have an 18" band saw with a 1/2" blade on it. I keep a 1/4" on the Delta 768 for smaller stuff. Love that little saw, but then I really like the old arn. Randy
    Randy Cox
    Lt Colonel, USAF (ret.)

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