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Thread: Jet JWP-15CS 15" Planer Enclosed Stand Door & Terminus Cutter Head

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    Jet JWP-15CS 15" Planer Enclosed Stand Door & Terminus Cutter Head

    I bought a used Jet JWP-15CS planer pretty cheaply, with repairs needed. Can anyone with a 15CS or similar planer with the enclosed stand take a somewhat closeup picture of the removable door panel on the outfeed side of the stand? Mine doesn't have one and a replacement is $55. I plan to make one out of sheet metal and I would like to get it close to original looking.

    Also, has anyone purchased or at least inquired about a Terminus cutter head and got a quote for their 15" planer? If so, can you share the cost? My cutter head is damaged. It can be repaired, but the cost is almost the cost of a new replacement. I'm considering upgrading to a Byrd or Lux helical, but I stumbled across the Terminus while searching the forums and it really intrigued me. I tried to call them several times yesterday but never got an answer. Their website says they can make any custom cutter head. I'm wondering what the cost of that is.

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    Jarrett it should not be to hard to find a used cutter head for that planer with all the heads that have been pulled by others installing Byrd heads.

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    If you want a helical cutterhead, Grizzly sells them to fit other brands.

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    Mike, I hadn't even thought about locating an original straight knife cutter from someone who made the swap. I will look into that.

    Jim, thanks for the heads up on the Grizzly helical cutter. I'll put that one in the running.

    I got a response back from Terminus. Unfortunately, they no longer make a custom arbor in 15" size.

    Thanks guys!

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