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Thread: Butcher block top support question

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    Butcher block top support question

    I am in the process of having a 70 x 70 inch,1 1/2 inch thick Red oak butcher block. The base is going to be 40 x 40 with a shelf underneath. This leaves the butcher block overhanging on all edges by 15 inches. Is this going to cause any bowing or cupping over time or should I add supports to help keep it flat. If so what would you suggest?

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    I embedded u channel underneath. Yes, you should support it. You can also google counter supports, there are steel, low profile brackets that you can use for cantilevered tops.

    Attach them to allow for seasonal movement.

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    You have two issues. One is the cupping you mention. The other is hygroscopic expension. The slab is going to grow and shrink across the grain, in an annual cycle. You must fasten the top to the base in a way which allows that movement without ripping the base apart.

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