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Thread: Chicknic table

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    Chicknic table

    Since we've been at home quite a bit, i've been mostly getting our gardens and raised beds ready, and managing our flocks (we have 2 breeds of heritage layers, 1 lays pale blue eggs, 25 meat birds, and a 6 week old flock amd a new hatch of 7 more heritage layers) but the girlfriend wanted a new feeder and found this online so I made it, and surprisingly they've been selling like hotcakes and are dirt simple to make. I get pine for 1$ a foot, cheapest i've found is 2.50 regular price at lumber stores (not the big box is around 3.50$ BF so i've been making a good bit on the side for an hour or two of work.IMG_7386.jpgIMG_7331.jpg

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    Eggsactly what was needed. Nice project so the girls are "all" happy.
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    People are so clever. I can see that easily being a hit with those that keep a few chickens.
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    I have a cousin who raises chickens...I may have to do a few of these for her! Great idea...and great name, too!

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    Thanks for the picture and inspiration.

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    That’s a great idea! Looks like a good spot to hang out.

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    Clever, practical and a good execution! Well done Sir!

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