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Thread: Asian Plow Plane ?

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    Asian Plow Plane ?

    Some years back I picked up this Asian plow plane, the price was good. This is not a premium plane, and it only has a 1/4" blade. It works, but I have problems with it. Because of the problems, I got a Stanley 45, which works well for me (well a little learning curve).

    Today, I pulled out the Asian plow plane. Try to figure out what to do with it. The problem that was in my mind was there is no depth stop, and not a lot of space to add one, I think. The biggest problem I've had with it that there is no control of the depth of the grove it cuts. When I'd start a grove at the far end of the grove, that end would just keep getting deeper as I worked to get the groove full length, and deeper yet as I worked to get the near end to the depth I needed. Hence why I'm thinking about a depth stop.

    While pondering this, I tried another grove. Same problem started. As I was thinking about it, I remembered that Asian planes are pulled, not pushed. Is that the way this plow plane should be used? Tried that and it seemed to do better. Probably still a need for the depth stop. If I get this plane working okay, I'll probably set it up for 1/4" groves, a 1/4" from the edge of the work piece.

    My question is push or pull. Or any other thoughts you think may help. Thanks.


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    If there's space between the metal skate and fence, predrill and drive a screw near the front and back to act as a depth stop. If they're inserted with a little wax, they can be adjusted.

    The predrill should be *just* enough for the screws to hold.

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    Believe the plane is meant to be pushed, based on the length of support behind the cutting edge verses the length in front of the edge. Of course you can use it whichever way is most comfortable to you.

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